A Conversation with Kathy from Courted by Discipline

To start getting to know the characters from In Hyacinth, I've done a few interviews with my heroes and heroines. To start things off, I've got Kathy in the hotseat today.

Bree: Hi, Kathy. Thanks for coming on my blog today.

Kathy: Sure. I'm actually kind of excited. Being online isn't something I get to do often except for school.

Bree: Why don't you tell us a little about yourself.

Kathy: Ummmm. My name's Kathryn Bretherton but I go by Kathy. I'm eighteen, just finished my junior year in high school, and a new resident of Hyacinth, Washington.

Bree: Eighteen and just finishing your junior year?

Kathy: [flushes] Yeah, I get that look a lot. I got really sick when I was a kid. and started school a year later than I was supposed to.

Bree: What brought you to Hyacinth?

Kathy: My family's a little different than my friends' families. Mom and Dad call what we do traditional values, my former friend Carina calls them all sorts of things. But I just never fit in with the drinking, partying, swearing, and otherwise normal pursuits of my peers. Former friends of mine thought I was closed-minded or just following what my parents told me to do, but the fact is: I find peace in the way we are. Dad's the head of our household. He makes the final decisions and also dispenses discipline - which I both hate and can appreciate - and Mom and I take care of the home. So when several times within a short span of time those friends tried to trick me into doing things their way, we talked about it and Dad chose to move us here.

Bree: Head of house?

Kathy: [shrugs] Sounds strange, doesn't it? In this modern time? Some may call him autocratic and a monarch; some may call him even worse things, but the fact of the matter is, that's a heavy job. To care for me and Mom so much that he's willing to make the hard decisions. And it isn't like he sits up in his ivory tower and orders us around. He and Mom discuss everything and when it includes me, they talk to me as well. Dad does draw the line at what he calls over-discussing things.

Bree: So tell us about Hyacinth.

Kathy: Oh, that's a big job. Hyacinth is a small town in Washington State. The entire town works on the same premise my family does: traditional values, a male head of the house, and that loving discipline can cement a family closer together.

Bree: That's the second time you've mentioned discipline. What does that mean to you?

Kathy: [looks thoughtful for a minute] Discipline is all about being able to be who you are. The girls I grew up with saw discipline as a horrible thing and maybe if done without love it could be. Loving discipline the way Dad does it and from what I can figure out, the way everyone in Hyacinth does it, is something entirely different. It's a molding tool, a way to get me to think twice - which I admittedly forget to do all the time. I can be myself and discipline helps me to be my best self. If that makes sense.

Bree: Is it a religion thing?

Kathy: No, I don't think so. Though, I think my former friends tended to think that way. Yes, my family is religious, but I get the feeling quite a few people in Hyacinth aren't, but they still practice the same values we do. Loving discipline isn't necessarily a religious concept. It's about love, trust, honor, and except for when Dad takes his belt to my jeans-covered behind, it can also be fun. There is a sense of peace to knowing where you stand and what the rules are.

Bree: How are you enjoying living in Hyacinth?

Kathy: Well, I've only been here a couple weeks. I'm looking forward to going to the town picnic today. I haven't met anyone yet and I hope to make some friends before school starts. In fact, Mom's just brought in the dresses I need to choose from, I gotta go.

Bree: All right. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me, Kathy. Enjoy your courting year. And to the readers of my blog, get to know Kathy more in the upcoming Courted by Discipline, Book One of In Hyacinth.

Kathy: [Eyes wide] My courting what? Wait...Bree! My courting what?

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