Surely they would wait #SatSpanks

Howdy, Saturday Spankers! And Spankos ;)

Have another snippet from Courted By Discipline. Kathy's family moved to Hyacinth at the very end of her junior year in high school. She had no idea of their unique and very old-fashioned courting system. Here, she's just found out and is a bit overwhelmed at everything her parents have told her.

* * * * *

“In fact,” her father added, “once the council asks for my permission and makes its decision, then the choice is yours, Kathy. You do get a say here.” Relief flooded through her. Well, at least she wouldn’t be forced into dating someone she couldn’t stand. Knowing that she had a choice made her feel marginally better about it. 

Kathy’s mouth opened several times, but gathering her thoughts enough to make intelligent words took some time. Thankfully her parents waited until she could. “But we just moved here. Surely they would wait until I could get to know some of the men.”

* * * * *

I think that's called 'grasping at straws' there, Kathy ;)

Now enjoy the rest of this fun bloghop

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