The Peace To Set You Free #SatSpanks #poem #freedom

It's Saturday Spanking's bloghop time again, but instead of giving you another snippet from Courted By Discipline, I wrote a little poem.

The Peace To Set You Free
┬ęBree Cariad

I knew it wouldn't be funny,
At least I thought so at the time.
I knew he wouldn't take it that way,
That itty, bitty rhyme.

I coughed and then I choked, I did
When I uttered the words 'high jump'.
Fortunately o'er the bench I went,
His hand upon my rump.

Five and ten and twenty-three,
His hand it kept a'falling.
No chance to say I'm sorry, please no!
For all I did was bawling.

At fifty swats, there was some hope,
Alas the spanking abated.
I choked and sobbed and sniffled and sighed,
And for his words, I waited.

The words that came were not the ones,
That anxiously I hoped for.
'I hope you've learned your lesson well',
Caused a snark that brought more.

Sixty, seventy, and ninety-five,
The swats became a patter.
And when at once, he paused again,
My mouth opened up to chatter.

"I'm sorry", "no more," and "never again",
Tumbled out of my mouth quite broken.
Among all the myriod of other things,
That went quite unspoken.

Those words he knew and so did I,
The ones that didn't matter.
Flipped and fled and ceased to exist,
As most of my thoughts did scatter.

One big thing stood out, it did,
I actually felt much better.
That even though my rear was gone,
My pain it did unfetter.

Relaxed, relieved, and calm I felt,
No longer going downhill.
I clung to the man next to me,
Feeling nothing but still.

For discipline as painful,
As it may happen to be.
With the right person,
Can be the peace to set you free.

Enjoy the rest of the hop! 

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