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Another snippet from Courted by Fall, Book Two of In Hyacinth. With Courted by Fall coming out in 10 days, I thought I'd give you Camille's first meet with Jerod. It's not a happy meet. She's just woken up in the hospital to find out her entire family thinks she tried to kill herself. And now comes face to face with the hospital therapist.


Being in the hospital sucked. But even worse? Waking up on her second day to find a man she didn’t know parked next to her on a chair. With shoulder length black hair pulled back at his neck and deep gray eyes, his deeply tan, angular face spoke of his Native American ancestry. Even in her weakened state where she wasn’t taking notice of anything, she found him incredibly good looking. “Good morning, Miss Covington,” he said in a nice warm voice. “My name is Jerod Kinsley. The hospital has asked me to talk with you. I hear you’ve been having a hard time.”

She stared at him, not speaking.

“I understand if this is a bit overwhelming, but landing in the emergency room with a body chemistry that says you’ve been trying to kill yourself is not the way to get out of here and go home.”

“I wasn’t trying to kill myself.”

His eyes softened. “That’s good to hear. Can you tell me what you were trying to do?”

Her mouth opened. There was an openness to him she felt comfortable with, a quality that pulled at her making her think he could make all the bad things go away, but then she remembered he was a man. Clamping her lips shut, she shook her head.

There was a moment’s pause before he continued. “Would you feel more comfortable talking with a woman?”

She didn’t want to talk to anyone, but he was probably right. If they thought she was suicidal, they wouldn’t let her go until she convinced them otherwise. “A woman would be better,” she whispered.

“All right. There’s a part-time female therapist an hour away. I’ll call her and see if she can make the trip.” Standing up, he gazed at her for a moment. “You have a lot to live for, Camille Covington. Whatever you’re going through right now will go away in time. Don’t let it destroy you.”

She had no idea how to respond to that. How could she explain that her entire life was in shambles and just getting worse? That the more she had tried to dig herself out had just dug her in even further. Tears sprang to her eyes and she sniffled. He reached over and placed a box of tissues on her abdomen. With another kind smile, he turned and left. The moment the door shut behind him, she burst into tears. She just wasn’t sure why.


Courted By Fall
Coming Nov 20,2014
Pre-order from Amazon

Camille Covington thought she had it all: the perfect life, the perfect future, and the perfect suitor; until it went downhill just days before her 18th birthday. Now struggling to pick up the pieces, she did everything she could to not let anyone know just how depressed she’d become. She did such a good job that she fooled even herself.

Newcomer to Hyacinth, Jerod Kinsley, offered friendship but used to the more traditional way of Hyacinth life, Camille didn’t know what to do with it. Set on a path of destruction, she quickly found out just how supportive her family and Jerod could be. As he and her family encouraged her on a life she never even imagined existed before, Cami began to find her inner strength. When her and Jerod’s relationship solidified through the Hyacinth Courting system, she found out just how freeing discipline from the man she loved could be.

About the series In Hyacinth:

Hyacinth, Washington is all about traditional values. In Hyacinth; its residents live their lives by discipline; there is a strong male head of house; and words like trust, honor, and kindness aren't just buzzwords. Each story in the series is of a young woman (18-20) and her struggle to figure out who she is in this little town while at the same time going through Hyacinth's old-fashioned courting system. On their way to meet, get to know, and finally marry their princes, these heroines grow in ways they and their town never expected.

Courted by Discipline, Book One is available.

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