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I've been so busy, I forgot to do my online stuff. Duh! Anyway, I'm bacccck :D Ready for some more In Hyacinth? This is from Courted by Trouble, In Hyacinth Book Three, which is available Dec 20th.

If you've read the first two books, you know that Stephanie has been friends with Cami for a very long time, until she disappeared mid-way through their senior year in high school. This starts off her story.


“You horrible piece of filth!”

Ducking, Stephanie burst into tears as her father’s fist collided with her shoulder. “Please,” she begged, crouching down onto the floor of their small house. “Please, Daddy, I didn’t mean it.” She really didn’t. And yet somehow she kept getting herself into trouble. Everyone knew Fargyle Drive was forbidden. Why she insisted on going there this afternoon and flirting with the men was anyone’s guess. Nothing had happened. Sure, the men were a bit scary, but not as scary as her own father.

“Tell that to someone who’ll believe you,” he barked, kicking her hard in the hip. “You’ve been nothin’ but trouble since I married your mom. Bastard child from a woman not worth it,” he spat. “And yet I’ve taken care of you. Shouldered the responsibility that should’ve been hers if the stupid woman hadn’t gotten herself killed.” He landed another blow that slammed her head back into the wall, stars erupting in front of her eyes. “I’ve had enough.” His strong, beefy hand grasped her hair and yanked her to her feet.

“Ouch! Daddy!”

“I ain’t yer daddy,” he slurred, dragging her through the room to the door. “And I ain’t takin’ care of you no more.” He slammed the door open, yanking her through the doorway while he ignored her screams and yells. Knocking her into the side of his 1984 Pontiac, he unlocked the door while she grasped the side of the car, desperately trying to stop the dizziness trying to take over. Once the passenger door was open, he shoved her inside and went around to the driver’s side.

She couldn’t talk. Everything hurt too much. Her head, her hip, but mostly her heart. When her mother was alive, they were happy. The auto accident that took her had affected them both badly, but her father had turned to drink and from that moment on, she hadn’t been able to do a thing right. In the last six months, things had progressed from ignoring her to yelling to hitting. Sometimes the ignoring was the worst part, which was why she had begun to do things to get his attention.

Only he was right. It was all her fault in the first place. Her mom went to get some cough syrup when Stephanie was sick. She never came home.


Courted By Trouble

Coming Dec 20th

Stephanie Knight’s life wasn’t easy. Even brought up in Hyacinth, discipline had not been a part of her family growing up. After her mother’s death, she made many mistakes and after the worst, ended up almost homeless. Thanks to her best friend’s father, she had a safe place to live while she tried to get her life together. Fear of people’s reactions kept her away from Hyacinth, but when her best friends found her again, she could no longer deny her desire to truly live.

Christopher Triton moved to town and turned her life upside down. With the support of her friends, Steph slowly got her self-esteem back. When Christopher declared his intention to court her, she couldn’t imagine anything more wonderful. But things were never smooth sailing for Stephanie. Thankfully, with a strong man at her side, she was able to weather the tough spots. His discipline allowed her to let go of all past guilt and grasp onto her positive future. His love helped her feel as though she could do anything. Which meant the world when her strange past came to call.

About the series In Hyacinth:

Hyacinth, Washington is all about traditional values. In Hyacinth; its residents live their lives by discipline; there is a strong male head of house; and words like trust, honor, and kindness aren't just buzzwords. Each story in the series is of a young woman (18-20) and her struggle to figure out who she is in this little town while at the same time going through Hyacinth's old-fashioned courting system. On their way to meet, get to know, and finally marry their princes, these heroines grow in ways they and their town never expected.

Courted by Discipline, Book One is available.
Courted by Fall, Book Two is available.

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