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I'm running behind in getting my manuscripts in, but here is the very beginning of Courted by Understanding, Book Four of In Hyacinth. You've seen how Dora sticks by her friends. Well, now. Isn't it nice she has friends who stick with her as well?


"That it, Dora?"

"Think so, Jim. Thanks for your help." Dora smiled at the workman. "It's amazing how fast a wedding tent comes down when it took so long to get it up."

Chuckling, he nodded. "Feel free to call on us if you have more weddings out here."

"Thanks, we will."

With all the chairs and wedding accoutrement gone, the yard looked exactly as it did three days before. As the wind chose that moment to pick up, she laughed softly. "Thanks for holding off until after the wedding!" she hollered, giggling as it picked up even more.

Many of their guests had already left, having just come for Chris and Stephanie's wedding, but a few were still there. Stewart, a friend of Chris's, had offered to sub for him in the kitchen while he was away and Dora found him easier to deal with than the other helpers. After making sure the meals were on schedule and that everyone who was there had what they needed, she slipped out, making her way home.

The sun was already on its way down by the time she reached her house and she stepped inside, removing her coat and boots. She glanced in Stephie and Chris's room, smiling at his boxes which were seated against one wall and the new bed which had arrived the day before their wedding. It might be selfish of her, but she was glad the two of them had agreed to live here for a while.  One thing the summer before last had taught her was that she hated living here alone.

Chris had been a bit of a surprise for her. She'd had a crush on Xan Covington her entire life so when Kathy married him, it had taken him off the market but she still felt nervous in his presence. Cami's husband Jerod was still an enigma to her. Chris, however, had fit right in with her and Stephanie. For the first time in her life she felt like she had a big brother.

Working with him at the inn was fun and she felt energized at the end of each day rather than run down like she had in her last job. Every day she met someone new and so far, the majority of their clientele had been very pleasant to work with. The couple who hadn't, Chris had stepped in on. Except for Stephanie and Cami and occasionally Xan when he was around, nobody had ever stood up for her with someone else before. It was kind of nice to feel so protected.

Courted by Understanding
Book Four of In Hyacinth

Dora Lexington is cute, round, and utterly practical. She has watched her best friends find their husbands, knowing full-well it will never happen to her. Or so she thinks until meeting Xander’s cousin Gaelic Covington. At first she doesn’t see how such a handsome, successful man can be attracted to her. But attracted he is. In fact, he has been head over heels in love with her for years.

As they come to know one another, they discover each other’s secrets and she finds out that in the heart of the strong man is a boy who is just as worried at being rejected as she is. Falling in love with him is simple; even simpler to submit to his lead. However, when Dora discoveres something about herself that she finds shocking, she tries to run. Now it’s up to Gaelic to convince her that nothing will make him leave, not even that.

About the series In Hyacinth:

Hyacinth, Washington is all about traditional values. In Hyacinth; its residents live their lives by discipline; there is a strong male head of house; and words like trust, honor, and kindness aren't just buzzwords. Each story in the series is of a young woman (18-20) and her struggle to figure out who she is in this little town while at the same time going through Hyacinth's old-fashioned courting system. On their way to meet, get to know, and finally marry their princes, these heroines grow in ways they and their town never expected.

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