13 favorite movies

I've seen where some bloggers do a Thursday 13 - a list of 13 items for any topic that seems to hit them in the moment. I thought I would give it a try as you really don't know me.

For my first Thursday 13, I thought I'd give you my 13 favorite movies of all time.

1. Operation Petticoat

2. Grease - the original, not the sequel

3. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner - again the original, not the remake

4. E.T.

5. Casablanca

6. His Girl Friday - with Cary Grant

7. Star Wars - the very first one

8. Raiders of the Lost Ark.

9. Some Like It Hot - with Jack Lemmon & Tony Curtis

10. The Great Race - with Jack Lemmon & Tony Curtis

11. Gandhi

12. The Great Escape - with Steve McQueen

13. Charade - with Audrey Hepburn

I thought I would have to struggle to come up with 13. Turns out I had to really shrink my list.

So, what are your favorite movies?

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