Cover Reveal for Courted By A Knight #Courting #romance #inspirational #inHyacinth

Ta-da! Check out the cover and marketing blurb for Courted by a Knight, Book Six of In Hyacinth.

Courted By A Knight
Release date: April 23, 2015

Deeka Williams is uncertain of her courting year. The list of single men in town who are looking for a wife does not give her a lot of hope. Until one of her father’s friends comes over for dinner. Intelligent, a gentleman, and sociable, Curtis Brenton catches her attention quickly, especially after he defends her against a bully. Unfortunately, he also seems to think that no woman would want a man in a wheelchair. 

Between trying to convince Curtis that he is not his infirmity and fighting against the bully who delights in teasing her ruthlessly, she’s busy enough. But when she breaks a rule too many times by lashing out, she may have lost everything she has been trying to achieve. Have they built enough of a foundation to weather this storm or will the man she considers her knight walk away? 

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