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F is for FCR

Okay, what is FCR? It's an acronym for Falls Chance Ranch, a series of DD stories involving a ranch in Wyoming. And as a warning, it is M/M. Well, actually it's M/M/M/M/M. However, it isn't erotic. I'm not even sure how to describe it as I could go on and on and on about it. It deals with the men who live on Falls Chance Ranch, as well others who have lived there in the past. The authors, Rolf and Ranger, are amazing. I don't know if they are psychologists or if they just study it hard, but they truly hit the emotional aspects for which DD truly fits. I cannot suggest it highly enough. Not only are the novels incredible, but they're free. Yep, you read that correct, the authors make all their works available for free.

Fair warning through. Once you start, you won't want to stop. They're that good. You'll want to read all of them all the way through and then start over again.

Where to find the series? There is a Falls Chance Ranch group on Yahoo where they post the chapters as they write them.

Or you can download them in full from Dropbox in the following formats:
     PDF format

If you want to read an incredible saga based on DD, I highly suggest it.

Series order:
Falls Chance Ranch
Three Traders
Mustang Hill
Silver Bullet Ranch
Silver Bullet Everest

The rest of them are side stories that can be read throughout.

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