I is for Instinct #SpankA2Z

I is for Instinct

I think most of us have lost touch with our basic instinct. It kicks in when danger comes after us. You know "I see a werewolf coming." "RUN!"

But for the basics, our instinct has been submerged under data and social networking and well, let's face it, television. We are unfortunately several generations who look for answers to our deepest problems by escaping them through the media in some way. And let's face it - it's easy to do. I haven't watched television for years. I have a few movies I'll watch, but I can usually make it through 15 minutes in one showing before I move on to something else.

And yet, my instinct is still something I am trying to recapture. The news is negative and completely untrustworthy, so it is something my instinct has grown to think "if they say A, then I believe something different."

It's time to gain back our instinct, to shun the media and the items that yes, may make our day-to-day life seem easier, but in fact, destroy us from the outside in. Turn off the television. Shut off the internet for one day. Go out in nature and listen to your gut. See where it takes you. I've found some very unique answers to questions that way.

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