N is for Narnia #spanka2z

N is for Narnia

Okay, I was going through my head looking for something fitting for today when it hit me. My favorite fantasy series from when I was a kid - Chronicles of Narnia. My grandfather bought me the full set and I read them until their pages were smooth as silk and the box they came in, cracked.

Being a child who grew up with stories I created about fantastical creatures and completely out of this world ideas, this series was perfect for me. It wasn't until about a decade later than I realized they were a retelling of the overriding stories from the bible in a fantasy context.

I still have the set my grandfather bought nme, but it's so fragile, I actually bought a newer set ten years ago to read since I am afraid the older ones will fall apart.

Anyone else a Narnia fan? If you have kids, I would highly suggest it. Who doesn't want to be whisked into a world with fantastical creatures led by a lion who can talk like humans?

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