P is for Potter's Creek #SpankA2Z

P is for Potter's Creek

Who/what is Potter's Creek? It is the setting for an inspirational romance book I am writing. There will actually be no domestic discipline in this one. At least, not that I've come across so far, but it does take a larger interest in the religious side of romance. The first book's heroine is in her mid-twenties and has been passed by by the supposed 'good boys'. Little does she know of just what God has planned for her.

Here's a teaser from book 1


The first bong filled the air, screaming to the world that Jonathon Alverson was now married to Regina Pickers. As if they needed more advertising. Walking along the street, Carolyn Michaels tried to ignore the sound. It was highly difficult in this community as the church bells rang loud and long. Even if she had on noise-cancelling earphones, which she didn’t, it would be impossible to ignore all the ladies standing along the sidewalk clasping their hands and making “aw” sounds loudly. Until they spotted her and then their “aw”s turned to “oh, poor dear”s. 

Life in Potter’s Creek was the same as it always had been. Simple, catty, and unbearably lonely at times. Carolyn’s mother moved her here when she was two and it was all she’d ever known. There had been opportunities to leave. College for one, when her mother died for another. Instead, she had attained her degree at a community college and kept to herself mostly, living in the same house she’d lived in with her mom.

As another bong pealed through the air, she let out a slow sigh. “We get it,” she murmured under her breath. “Once again, the catty popular sinner girl gets the guy.” Actually, she didn’t get it, not at all. Growing up, she’d been taught that remaining innocent until marriage was the pinnacle for any good relationship and that “Good guys will always date and marry the good girls.” Caro just wasn’t sure if her youth pastor had been lying to her or was just completely unaware of how the world really worked. For the four guys in her graduating class that she considered good guys had all married the sluts. And today’s was the worst. 

Regina had made her life a total hell, calling her names, picking on her, and making sure she knew she was ugly and unworthy of anyone. The girl had slept around all during high school. Now, five years after graduation, she was married to Jonathon…the guy Carolyn had been in love with since the first day she saw him ten years ago.


I hope to have the book available starting in fall :)

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