S is for Stonehenge #spanka2z

S is for Stonehenge

Okay, who else is extremely interested in Stonehenge? I have an incredible passion for it and hope to visit the original in England someday.

For now, though, I've got Maryhill Stonehenge, which is part of the Maryhill museum in Washington state. It was created by Sam Maryhill after WWI when he became fascinated by the original and wondered what it would have looked like complete. When he came home from the war, he did something about it. Obviously there are differences, one of the major ones in that Stonehenge is made of stone, Maryhill Stonehenge is made of concrete. The original was made for who knows what reason whereas we know that Maryhill Stonehenge was created as a monument for those fallen in WWI.

However, if you take the differences out, it is still amazing to view it. I tried to find the video I took of it, but who knows what external hard drive it's on. However, here's a pic of the place. Isn't it gorgeous? Walking through it as an incredible experience.

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