Me, Myself, & I

Hello everyone :)

Hope your fall is going along fantastically. Mine is zooming by. It got cold enough to turn on the heat! Where did the time go, anyway?

Just wanted to give you a heads up on some changes to This blog used to be all about my series In Hyacinth. Now that I have some non In Hyacinth books in the works, I've moved those books to their own server. You can reach that at From here on out, this blog will be posts about all sorts of things about me...not just my writing.

I cannot promise to post often as my life is super busy, but I'll try to get something up once or twice a month- though no promises :D

Oh, and this website will be going through server changes as well, so if you reach it and it looks weird and unfinished...that's why :D Hopefully everything will be changed and up and all ready to go quickly once I start.

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